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Character illustration

character with a plain color or simple blurred atmosphere BG)
Additional 30 - 70 USD for complex details or additional items ex.weapon,minion,etc.
The additional character will double the price.

Display 100 USD+
Half body 200 USD+
Full body 300 USD+
Splash art 350 USD+


Illustration of one or two characters with a detailed background.
May have additional costs for complex details of background, character, or additional items
(ex. weapon, wearing armor, etc.)

600 USD+

Character sheet

Illustration of your character details
front, back, expression, alt pose, depending on your request.

without design starting at 700 USD+
with design starting at 1100 USD+

Collage Page

Illustration of your character including 3-4 poses or expressions depending on the description.
This commission type will give me the freedom of composition and character poses but if you have any suggestions is okay!
Heavily required a description of the personality of your character.
You will get 2 full body and 2 half body for the suggestion but it will depend on your request and overall composition.

700-1000 USD+


you will receive png. file 1000x1000 px for the emoji.

50 USD+ per 1 emoji


• Please take note all price on this page is for personal commission only• For commercial use please inform me beforehand by sending me an email at >>> [email protected] <<<• Pricing for commercial use will have an extra charge from the original amount. vtuber commission is counted as commercial use.• The finished artwork will be published on my site, my Twitter, and my other social media as my portfolio If you DON'T want me to post it on any website, please inform me beforehand.• Please link the reference sheet in google drive, Imgur, or toyhouse with clear and easy-to-understand details of your characters, and make sure it's a public link. I won't accept text only commission• Payment is done in full upfront via Paypal , credit/debit card or Transfer Wise.• NO REFUND so please make sure before sending the form.• The sketch will deliver in 2 - 3 weeks after receiving the payment and the finished work is expected to be done in 2-3 months or more depending on the complexity after the sketch has been approved.• Please check the sketch thoroughly during the sketch process.• After the sketch approval, major adjustment is NOT allowed, minor adjustment (ex. color adjustment) is okay.• All commission are digital file 300 dpi.